Many employees spend their entire day sitting a desk and staring at their computer screens, leaving very little time for exercise and proper nutrition. This is why many businesses are beginning to bring wellness programs into their office to promote a healthier lifestyle for employees. Here are the top three benefits employers have seen from promoting a healthier mind, body and spirit.

Increase Productivity – Companies that have experience with corporate wellness programs have found an 8 percent increase in employee productivity. One way it does this is by making employees feel like their employers care more about them, which leads to a boost in engagement and from there productivity!

Employee Retention – Several studies have found that as a result of workplace wellness programs, like the Well-Fit Way, 40 percent of workers say they are encouraged to work harder and perform better. It also leads to fewer missed days of work and are successful in reducing health care costs, which is a win-win for both employees and employers.

Co-Worker Relationships – By partnering co-workers together in the program, their relationship grows as they learn to work together and hold one another accountable. The trust built and ability to set goals and achieve them together will carry over into their work and lead to better office performance. Also with activities like bi-monthly cooking classes, employees will have opportunities to spend time together doing something fun and interactive.