Redondo Beach is one of America’s most elite addresses and the Tru Center Training in Redondo Beach is one of America’s most elite centers for conducting a multi-disciplinary health and fitness protocol. By combining the intelligence and experience base of some great doctors, who just happen to be very adept at quickly evaluating a person’s gait, posture and other critical factors, and then incorporating great trainers, you achieve a way to quickly and effectively make your body the best it can possibly be.

Fortune 500 companies throughout the country know the benefit of creating a sprite-de-corps among their troops and nothing forges such camaraderie like a corporate retreat. The Tru Center TRaining specializes in creating stupendous corporate retreat experiences for all their customers. The lessons and disciplines that participants glean from such experiences while lasting a lifetime for the individuals also serve to rally company spirit. They’ve been scientifically shown to improve any given company’s efficiency and therefore the bottom line. Now, a goodly portion of the activities at Tru Center Training are specifically tailored, personal training.

There’s a reason Pilates has been the dominate fitness craze among the coveted female 18-34 year old demographic for going on two decades. It really works! So, after the highly expert staff at Tru Center Training has given you, or you and your company, a comprehensive evaluation, it’s time to get the action plan going! Tru Center Training just happens to have arguably the hottest Pilates instructor on the planet ready to make you the best you can be! Get ready to feel the power you obtain by energizing your core! The experts at Tru Center Training will empower you with all the right techniques to max out your potential both mentally and physically. In practically no time at all, you and your company will be feeling on top of the world and ready for anything!