Tru Center Training is an all inclusive program that meets your fitness and health needs, ranging from maximum Blast Training to rehabilitative Pilates. This center was established in order to facilitate companies, groups and individuals for them to find new strength and concentrate mentally, physically and within their minds. There are a number of services offered by this fitness center. They include: corporate fitness, wellness retreats and individual training.

Corporate fitness- the center helps to design fitness and health programs for companies with employees ranging from 1-50. This helps one to save on health insurance costs and employee retention. This fitness program is ideal for those who desire to maximize their sense of unity. The aim of the center is to develop a fitness and health program that meets the individual needs of different companies. They will consider the fitness and health of each employee, and design a program that will not only enhance individual wellness, but also build a thriving and productive working environment. The center is able to achieve the above by interviewing each person with a fitness and nutrition consultant, in order to know where they are now, as well as their long and short-term goals.

Individual training- whether you desire dietary coaching, pilates or cross training, Tru Center Training will include a holistic approach to fitness training. They incorporate all elements of fitness for their clients, for them to achieve the best results. The mission of the center is to infuse a client’s life with vitality and energy in order to increase their well-being.

Wellness retreats- Tru Center offers life-changing retreats that aide to revitalize and transform within 3-4 days. The retreats help create an atmosphere of wellness where the client not only gets fitness coaching but the chance to re-energize and self-explore their spirit, mind and body. A number of fitness forms are integrated into the program. They include: Restorative Breathing, Yoga and Pilates.

Get a free consultation by calling Tru Center Training and get tips on how you can revitalize and transform yourself.