Tru Center Training was developed by Alicia, who believes in living holistically, which mean incorporating all parts of life! The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life are all interwoven and at Tru Center there are comprehensive programs designed to improve your life in a holistic manner.

One of the many programs designed by Alicia herself is the Wellness Retreat. This retreat is created to encourage a life-changing transformation and revitalization in you. The retreat is only three to four days but in those few days you will have plenty of lessons and coaching on fitness, mind, and life. You will learn to take time to self-explore and re-energize yourself. Taking the opportunity to go on a Wellness Retreat reaps several benefits to your overall life! Some of the benefits included are:

  1. Relaxation – Everyone needs a moment to relax and take time away from the monotonous tasks of life. At our retreat you have time to relax. We teach relaxation breathing technique and do relaxing exercises such as pilates and yoga.
  2. Self-Exploration – A retreat is a wonderful time to ponder on your life and reassess yourself. It is always to check in with yourself every once and while and make sure you are mentally and spiritually where you want to be. It is also a good time to explore your relationships, friendships, and family.
  3. Re-charge – Retreats are not just used to relax and de-stress. It is also an effective method to enlighten your mind and bring creativity back. This doesn’t have to mean creativity in an artistic way, but simply being away from the daily activities of life can give you new inspirations, new ideas, and new perspectives. Sometimes being away can help you with difficult situations in your life that you may have needed to get away to explore.