Tired of sitting behind a desk all day?  Do you feel more exhausted when you get up in the morning than when you went to bed?  Do you find yourself taking out your frustrations on those close to you?  You need a wellness retreat!  At Tru Center Training, you will discover a safe and accepting environment with wellness professionals dedicated to your overall wellness:  mind, body, and soul.

With our diverse and exciting programs that integrate exercise, meditation, and fun, you will feel revitalized in just 3-4 days, with new methods of coping with daily stress, an expanded repertoire of healing and invigorating exercise routines, and a renewed sense of well-being and peace.  During your 3-4 day retreat you will be learning new ways of dealing with the everyday pressures, intensifying your regular exercise routine with amplified Yoga, Pilates, and Restorative Breathing, as well as finding your personal path to healing and self-care.  Our staff will seamlessly blend physically beneficial activities with mind and soul restoring fun and pampering.

Whether you are a manager in a hectic and demanding workplace who feels your employees need a change of pace from the usual corporate retreat, a wellness professional looking for new ways to enhance your clients experiences, or even an individual with a stressful career who needs a bit of peace and relaxation, our wellness retreats are just what you need!

Our many Southern California and Hawaiian locations provide you with the time, expertise, and professionalism of our caring and dedicated staff.  Our diverse and compassionate wellness professionals will create an experience that you will be thinking back on with appreciation and affection during those hectic work days when you can put all you learned to good use.  Our 3-4 day wellness retreats are the perfect escape from and preparation for the harried and hectic world.