Alicia is more than a Pilates instructor… her knowledge of the body and movement is truly extraordinary. I call her the “Pilates Savant”! Working with Alicia has improved my body, my energy, and healed many aches and pains. I feel so fortunate to have found Alicia. She is a gift!


I’ve been practicing Pilates for thirty years on both coasts.  Not only did I do Pilates a lot but I ended up training myself in my twenties before I took up a different career.  Later on in life when I met Alicia, I hired her because of her holistic approach and the fact that she lives what she teaches.  She’s so experienced with the practice and familiar with how the human body works that I knew that I would never suffer an injury.  After working with her for a few weeks, I could not believe how intuitive she was but also how positively my body changed due to her guidance.  I feel she’s one of the best teacher’s out there!


I have been working with Alicia Gilbert for almost two years. Prior to this, I had been doing Pilates for over four years with three other instructors. I have also been to a number of studios during that time. I can state unequivocally that Alicia has an outstanding depth of knowledge in the requisite anatomy and physiology coupled with an exceptional ability to combine this knowledge with the intended application in Pilates. Alicia has a profound care both for her students and also for the correct application of Pilates and related disciplines.

I believe the proof in Alicia’s expertise could be better understood in sharing my story. I was in a severe accident when I was twenty-two and have had six major back surgeries to date. Thirty plus years later, after using every modality of help available, I was in bed and prone 65%-70% of each day. I could not walk more than a block at a time without the pain halting this activity. I could not even lift my leg to put on pants without shooting pains in my legs. My condition was so poor that I was unable to even do even the most remedial Pilates when I first started with Alicia.

Alicia began my rehabilitation with a few months of ‘body work’. I eventually was able to get back to the studio twice a week. I now am able to walk two miles at a time without pain. I was unable to travel, which is a personal passion. I know travel extensively. My need for painkillers has greatly reduced. My work time and family time have increased both in quantity and quality. During these last two years, my condition has improved beyond either my expectations or those of my physicians’.

I attribute the great amount of my recovery to Alicia. Alicia understood the issue. She has helped me to understand my own physiology and personal strengths and weaknesses. Alicia has a very uncanny sense of body mechanics and tolerance levels. She understood better than I what to do and how much to push it. I would greatly encourage anyone to share this experience on their own level.


I have never had a Pilates instructor like Alicia. Im the past 12 years I think I’ve done Pilates with 20 different instructors started my sessions with her in 1994 and I could barely walk. I was bent over and had a noticeable limp. My feet turned out and I almost had no muscle tone. I had been like this since I was eight years old.

When I was 48 (1994) I had a major hop replacement. Along with that, my lumbar spine was deteriorating.

Very soon after starting my first Pilates sessions with Alicia there was a noticeable improvement. Even my long time physical therapist— the famous Bob Forester— was stunned.

Pilates has changed my life in many ways. I am proud to say that now I am able to:

  • Walk up and down stairs one leg at a time
  • Scratch my back
  • Unhook my bra strap
  • Open bottles and jars
  • Sit up straighter

I am grateful for Alicia. She has been a true blessing in my life.


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