The core muscles of our body can be easily likened to the sturdy central links in a metal chain, serving to connect the lower and upper body. From mopping the floor to hitting a tennis ball, all necessary motions either move through the core or originate from the same.

Irrespective of the source of any motion, it always ripples downwards or upwards to the adjoining links of the chain. Hence, inflexible or weak core muscles severely impact the movement of your legs and arms, sapping out the power from any move that you make. With a properly built up core, your power delivery also improves and is at a commendable level.

A strong core is also at the center of enhanced stability and balance in an individual. Thus it helps to protect against falls and injuries that may be sustained during such tedious activities as sporting events.

While it may be all too easy to simply hit the gym and perform your regular strength-training and cardio routines, neglecting the core can result in adverse effects on your day-to-day activities. The importance of a strong core can be best summed up by the various activities that it will help you to do.

• Computer work: Sitting in front of a computer all day looks like a very simple task. However, it puts some serious amount of stress on the human body. By developing a solid core, you can eliminate some of this stress from your lower back and other parts of the body.

• Lifting: While strength-training may not be a part of your daily routine, you nevertheless lift objects everyday. Carrying grocery bags or luggage into your home, moving furniture or taking out the trash are just some of the examples to consider. With a strong core in place, all of this routine lifting becomes easier and helps you overcome minor strains and other injuries.

• Walking or running: Ask any competitive runner and they will highlight the importance of a strong core for finishing a race in good time. Developing the core helps in a greater intake of oxygen with every breath. It also allows you to keep your balance while walking or running on uneven terrains.

• Posture: With a developed core in place, standing straight and sitting upright become much easier than before. Apart from making you look more presentable in society, this also helps to take off a lot of pressure from your lower back.

While regular exercises are important, it is always suggested that individuals should take a holistic approach towards improving their fitness, hence the stress on a strong core. By alternating core workouts with different exercises every couple of times a week, performing the regular tasks becomes much more enjoyable and a whole lot easier than ever before.