Attending a retreat can truly be the beginning of a changed lifestyle for you and especially your spouse. At Tru Center Training we make sure that you are receiving the best coaching available as well as the ability to rest, reenergize your body, mind, and most importantly your spirit. We often have people ask why they need a retreat. Here is a bulleted list of the top six reasons that guests generally give on wanting or needing a retreat.

1. Learning: It is easy to get stuck in a rut of doing the same routines. Especially with Pilates and yoga. While on retreat you will learn new ways to know yourself.

2. Meditating: By learning how to meditate correctly you will learn how to act on what you know and learn from a place of real awareness. We will teach you just how to hone in on those abilities.

3. Restlessness: Between work, kids, bills, and responsibility; when is your time for you? No wonder people are sleeping poorly or not at all. You will learn how to ease your mind and rest.

4. Posing: Pilates is known for the various positions that promote health, healing, and relaxation. At a retreat you will learn how to perfect these poses to achieve the ultimate reward from them.

5. Like-mindedness: Being in the company with many other men and women that are after the same goal as you makes it all the more relaxing. Being surrounded by others on the same path removes any sense of competition you thought there may be.

6. Deserving: Who deserves it more than you! No one, that’s who. You work so hard to make sure everyone else is cared for and happy. Now it is time for you to make certain you are as well.

Roll up your yoga mat and come join one of the retreats at Tru Center Training. Whether a group setting or only yourself, we are here to make sure you achieve what you are looking for.