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Tru Center Movement & Wellness



Energize Your Mind, Body, and Spirit at our one of our Wellness Retreats

We offer Wellness Retreats to help you transform and revitalize in 3-4 days. Our Retreats create and atmosphere of Wellness where you receive not just fitness coaching, but also the opportunity for self-exploration and re-energizing your body, mind, and spirit. Welcome to your own wellness oasis… This division of TRU Center Training is dedicated to experiencing your deepest core… Getting to your TRU Center… All our retreats are dedicated to that end.

You’re One Step Closer to Your True Center

We at TRU Center believe the body is your vehicle, and with the right focus of mind can experience our highest self and develop our greatest potential. We integrate various fitness forms like Pilates, Yoga, Restorative Breathing just to name a few, and blend them with pampering and fun to create an atmosphere of revitalization and relaxation. So whether you’re an individual ready to create a new experience for you and your closest friends, a yoga teacher wanting to broaden your practice with your following or a company that is looking to increase better communication amongst the management team, TRU Center works with you to develop a retreat that facilitates your desired outcome… Experiencing your TRU Center. With many locations available throughout the Southern California and Hawaiian areas, we build an oasis and create an atmosphere for you to achieve whatever you may be looking for.