Physical Therapy at TRU Center

Our physical therapists at TRU Center are part of Exhale PT and specialize in using pilates-based rehabilitation. By incorporating pieces of traditional pilates equipment and techniques, they work to heal you through guided movement. These low-impact, highly effective forms of exercise concentrate on improving your balance, strength, flexibility and coordination to relieve pain and increase strength.

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These personalized programs are designed for all ages and fitness levels. Our team of physical therapists work hard to help you feel better both physically and mentally and decrease your pain. Our specialized programs include: postural correction, mommy resilience, mommy wellness, sports injury relief and lower back pain. Specialized services include manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, pressure point release, myofascial & muscle tension release, pre-postpartum care, lumbo pelvic integration & muscle energy techniques, optimal spinal stabilization, progressive lower back workouts, total postural balance screening, optimal balance/fall prevention program, muscle imbalance correction, ergonomic education, sports and performance injuries, post-operative care, shoulder pain/upper extremity injuries, numbness and tingling, joint sprains & muscular strains, elbow pain and tenderness and knee pain.

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