There are no health, wellness and fitness needs that Tru Center Training cannot meet. If you’re looking to stay in shape, live an overall healthy life,  or recover from illness using different therapy techniques, we have all the provisions for this at our comprehensive health and fitness center in South Bay.

We are sincerely concerned about helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle and this is just one of the reasons why you should choose us. We are also a very success oriented fitness center with a team of experts. There are professionals in almost all fields of health and fitness including but not limited to nutrition, physiotherapy, physical training, Yoga, cross-training, restorative breathing and classical Pilates. Over the years we have been able to come up with a holistic wellness program by integrating all of these specialized aspects of health and wellness together which works perfectly to achieve our goal of helping people to live energized lives.

At Tru Center Training, there is a place for everyone, whether you are an individual looking to lose weight, increase strength and agility, recover from an injury or long-term illness. We offer individual training that will work you through the central theme to these situations and every other thing will just fall into place. We are also very much a corporate brand and we have provisions for each of your group needs. We provide the perfect enriching and invigorating weekend getaway or retreats designed to deliver the total wellness package. We provide the perfect atmosphere to get in touch with your inner self and be re-energized in your total being.

Tru Center training is the best health and fitness center in South Bay. You should sign up for a free consultation with us today. Let us assess your present health status so we can develop a customized, all-inclusive fitness and wellness approach to make you whole again and take you to the peak of your potential.