Start with hard-boiled eggs… Now wait! How do you get the perfect hard boiled egg that’s easy to peal and does turn green around the edges?! I have the answer! Taught to me by a cordon blu chef…If you already know great, skip to the full skinny.

Step 1: Put water in a think bottomed pot enough to cover desired amount of eggs, with lidoff bring water to a boil… As soon as water boils, put lid on and immediately remove from heat, then let stand for exactly 12-13 minutes depending if your oven runs really hot or not- that sounds funny but it’s TRU…

After 12-13 mins, drain the water and/or transfer eggs into bowl and run cold water to cover… Then refrigerate… Voila!

Now for the Timmy part…

Step 1 – Preheat oven to hi broil, or if you Hv toaster oven turn in, and toast the Ezeakel bread, then let sit

Step 2 – Peel 3-4 eggs, and take out half the yokes

Step 3 – In medium bowl chop or hand squish the eggs into desired size

Step 4 – Mix in 1 tablespoon Italian Olive Oil, one-tablespoon fresh chopped herb (ur choice, but I like Rosemary, dill, cilantro, or tarragon!), and sea salt to taste!

Step 5 – Smush egg salad onto pre-toasted Ezeaekle and later with one piece provolone cheese (or cheese of choice), I like the procaine bc it doesn’t over power the egg flavor and it fits to make a cover so the eggs dale doesn’t fall out the sides!

Step 6 – Lastly broil or toaster oven until the cheese had melted and top w extra herbs if you want to get fancy and enjoy!!