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Tru Center Movement & Wellness



Your employees will love our Wellness Program!

We design health and fitness programs for companies ranging in size that can help employee retention and help save on your health insurance costs. If you want an increased sense of unity in your business, then our TRU Wellness Program can help.

TRU Center’s mission is to develop a health and fitness program that meets all the specific needs of your company. We take into consideration the general health and fitness of all your employees, and create a program that not only generates individual wellness, but as a result builds a work environment that is more productive and thrives!

How it Works:

Our emphasis is on the individual because that is the only place change can begin.

We interview each individual with a nutritional and fitness consultant to see where they are now, and what their short and long term goals are.

Then we move into accountability, so results are assured! We pair the individual with the appropriate associate and let the growth begin!

All this is based in incentives! Knowing that their employer is supporting them 100% makes all the difference. Incentive based programs are proven time and again to greatly improve overall productivity!

So whether incentives are in paid time off, a share of stocks, or more in their 401K, we tailor your program to fit your businesses specific needs.

We offer a wide range of fitness classes; Cross-training, Pilates, Yoga, Restorative breathing, just to name a few. And we stay current to the latest form so no one gets bored or stagnates.

So no matter the size of your company, we can create a plan that will make your company soar!

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